Centipede ?-??-81


This is a late in development prototype that may have been used for playtesting purposes.  The game itself is complete and playable, but lacks polish and has several gameplay differences from the released version.  Although the rom file for this prototype has been floating around the internet for years, it is unknown where it originally came from.


The copyright says 1981 instead of 1982
The title screen starts with a light green mushroom field instead of a white one, however it then cycles between various colors.  The spider also moves faster.
The first level has purple mushrooms, a blue centipede, and blue lives counters while the released version has green mushrooms, a red centipede, and red lives counters.
The level colors change each time you die.  In the released version they stay the same and don't change until you finish the level.
The centipede always appears in the center of the screen instead of right of center
The centipede is always complete with no extra segments no matter the level.  In the released version the centipede becomes more fragmented each new level and has extra individual segments that appear on the left side of the screen.
The scorpion and spider appear more often and the spider is far more aggressive than in the final version.


Note the 1981 copyright


Different starting colors


And they change when you die!

He's a picture of the 5200 version


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