Cloak & Dagger 7-??-84


Cloak & Dagger on a disk???  That's right, since Cloak & Dagger was cancelled when it was only 50% complete it was never burned onto EPROMs, therefore all the existing Cloak & Dagger prototypes are in disk format only.  This particular disk was found in the bottom of a box of unrelated Atari items and was almost bent in half!  It was feared that the disk would never be readable, but after being carefully bent back into shape the data was able to be extracted (notice how the disk still has a slight bow to it).

According to programmer Dave Comstock, this disk appears to contain the last version he worked on while still at Atari.  It is however missing the additional bug fixes that he added after the layoffs.


Notice how there are no diagonal conveyers?


Agent X encounters a deadly acid pit


This level is nasty...


But this one is worse!


Notice how Agent X has turned black?


The levels get pretty complex later on




Atari 8-Bit



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