Crystal Castle 6-1-84


This is one of the last versions of Crystal Castles that was worked on before the 84 layoffs.  This version isn't as complete as the version that was pirated on BBS's (that version most likely came from a programmer that left Atari weeks after this version was burned), and has a few quirks.  The biggest difference in this version is that Bentley is invincible, which takes all the challenge out of the game.  There is also a bug that occasionally makes the next level not appear even when Bentley grabs all the gems.


Bentley is invincible although a death sound is played
There is no music
Bentley isn't shown wearing the magic hat when he grabs it
The characters remain on the screen while switching boards
If a sound is playing when Bentley finishes the level it will hang and then finish playing when the next level starts
There is no "Got the last gem!" message between boards
Bentley's graphic doesn't change when he goes behind things
There are no bees
There is a glitch that makes the next level occasionally not appear


Notice how there is no life counter?


Bentley's graphics do not change when he goes behind things


Notice how the character graphics are still on the screen while the next level is being drawn?


Here is the glitch that causes the next level not to appear



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