Defender 8-??-82


After reviewing the earlier alternate version of Defender, no one expected a newer version to be found, but that's just what we have here.  What a difference a few weeks can make!  Not only is this version more polished than Rev. 0, but features a full compliment of sounds and bug fixes.  This version of Defender stands up nicely to Steve Bakers released version, but it's still lacking a bit in the enemy graphics.  Interestingly the sounds seem to be very close to Steve Bakers version, so one has to wonder if the same audio programmer worked on both.  This appears to be the last revision Michael worked on.

Prototype Differences
There is now a nice title screen with options for one or two players  

The dash at the bottom of the screen has been fixed

The bullet bug has been fixed (bullets no longer hang in the air)
There are a lot more sounds in this version. 
There are more enemies in this version including bombers, pods, and swarmers
This version has an easter egg to show Micheal's name on the title screen.  It can be accessed by pushing Shift+Control+Minus


We now have a title screen


A Bomber!



The Easter Egg


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