Company: Atari
Model #:
Vortex Software
Year: 1988
One of the few 8-bit games to feature voice synthesis


Originally developed by Gremlin Graphicsin 1987, Deflektor is a unique strategy game in which you must direct a laser to destroy light blocking cells.  Sounds easy right?  Well the game isn't called Deflektor for nothing, instead of directly pointing the laser at the cells you must reflect (or deflect) it off a series of mirrors.  Oh did I forget to mention the gremlins?


Each board is a complex series of mirrors, teleporters, rotators, diffusers, and energy mines.  Hidden in this mess are a handful of light cells, and its up to you to figure out a way to destroy them all.  You can manipulate some of the objects by highlighting them with the cursor and pressing the fire button.  As the laser hits each object it will react in some way; sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Most objects are there to help move the laser to its destination, but some like the energy mines will actually overload your laser.  Of course there are always several objects that do not need to be used, and are there just to throw you off.  After destroying all the light cells you must finally point the laser to the end terminal to complete the level.


Besides energy mines, there are several other dangers for your little laser.  If you take too long to complete the level your laser will eventually run out of power, so time is of the essence.  Bouncing your laser back at itself will make it start to overheat, if the heat gauge reaches critical your laser will blow.  Also making your life miserable are gremlins.  These little guys will dart around the screen changing the direction of your mirror.  Thankfully you can kill them by highlighting them with the cursor and pressing the button.


The XE version of Deflektor has monochrome graphics, but they are very high resolution.  Thankfully Deflektor isn't the kind of game that requires a bunch of flashy colors, so monochrome works just fine (some say they're an improvement).  There aren't any sound effects, but there is background music.  The music is somewhat catchy at first, but quickly gets on your nerves as the game wears on (especially when you're running out of time to finish a level).  As an added treat, the game starts with a great voice sample that says "Deflektor!".  Sadly this is the only voice in the game...


Deflektor is an amazing game that deserved to see release.  Sadly Atari decided to kill off its 8-bit line right around the time that the game was completed.  It's doubtful that games even as high quality as Deflektor could have saved the dying system, but they would have made for a fitting swan song for a great line of computers.  Thankfully now avid 8-bit gamers can finally enjoy Deflektor in all its monochrome glory, even if it is 15 years late...


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Deflektor 6/29/89

Final Version


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