Dig Dug ?-??-82


 This prototype is a late stage WIP.  While it looks similar to the final version, it still has some ways to go.  The biggest issue with this version is that it plays very slowly and needs some serious code optimization.

Prototype Differences
The logo on the title screen is different.  It is done in graphics rather than plain text

The copyright on the title screen is different 

The player and high scores are not shown on the title screen
There is no sound effect when selecting between one and two players
There is an extra note at the end of the level select sound
The cucumber, pepper, and mushroom look different
The carrot and tomato are different colors
The 'Player One Ready' screen is missing
The level marker flowers are a different color
You can briefly see empty tunnels being 'drawn' when the level first appears
Fygar looks different.  He lacks teeth and has an odd 'smooth mouth' look.
Dig Dug's air hose is longer and has a brown handle on it
Dig Dug will come out and dig the starting tunnel for each level rather than just the first
The gameplay is much slower and less refined
There is a long pause between Dig Dug getting hit and the dying animation
This version has an odd bug where if Dig Dug drops a rock on himself just as the last enemy escapes off the screen it will pass through him and he won't lose a life.  The game will still show you dying however


Different logo and a purple carrot


The empty tunnels before the level


Note the longer hose


Funny looking mushroom


No spots on the pepper


Nor the cucumber



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