Final Legacy Rev 5.3


This is a late WIP version of Final Legacy that was possibly made for a magazine preview. Approximately 2-3 copies of this version were made. The game was still known as Legacy at this point in development.


Title screen says LEGACY instead of Final Legacy
When on the Navigation screen the text under the map simply says Navigation instead of displaying the amount of fuel you have left.
The colors are slightly different
There is a square around the targeting cursor on the Sea to Air sequence
There is a bug where the T in RIGHT and LEFT is blue instead of purple on the joystick orientation option line. Oddly the T will then turn to gray when you win the game.
There is no game over screen
The game will immediately end after destroying all the cities even if there are still missiles in the air. In the final version you must finish shooting down all the missiles before the game will end.
There is an odd bug in this version where if you exit the Sea to Land screen before the explosion finishes when destroying the final city the game won’t properly end. The player will be stuck until they either destroy their ship or their last city is destroyed.


The Legacy is not final yet


Notice the gray T bug?


Still no fuel


Here's a picture of the square targeting cursor



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