Final Legacy Rev 7.1


This is an almost final version of Final Legacy that was made for a focus group test. There are a number of odd changes made from the earlier Rev 5.3 that make the game much easier to beat. This may have been done to make the game easier for the focus group to test.  At this point the game was still known as Legacy (this wouldn’t be changed until shortly before being released). According to Dan Oliver about 12-15 of these carts were made.


Title screen says LEGACY instead of Final Legacy
The end screen only shows your bonus and score being tallied up. It doesn’t show your rank.
The text on the end screen is blue instead of purple
There is music missing on the end screen. For some reason (possibly a glitch) only the base line plays.
There is a bit of animation on the targeting cursor in the Sea to Air sequence that was removed from the final.
There is only one enemy base to target in this version. This is probably to make it easier on the focus group participants.
There are no real hidden bases(see below) and destroying Intelligence ships has no effect. This may have been done to make it easier for the focus group.
There is a glitched hidden base in the upper left corner of the map that cannot be relieved under any circumstances.  It can be destroyed like normal though.
Enemy missiles have no effect on your cities. This was probably done to make the game easier for the focus group.
There is an odd bug in this version where if you exit the Sea to Land screen before the explosion finishes when destroying the final city the game won’t properly end. The player will be stuck until they either destroy their ship or their last city is destroyed.


The title screen has a cool draw-in effect


Here you can see the little animated dots around the target. They move towards the circle


Only one enemy base


Unless you count the glitched hidden one


Pretty bare end screen

But at least you can continue now


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