Gyruss 4-23-84

This is a very late beta of the On-Time Software version of Gyruss.  The RLS.1 on the label means Release Candidate 1.  A release candidate was what the programmer felt was the final version of the game and was sent to PB for verification.  After that it would have been changed to FNL.1 which means Final and then sent off to be manufactured. Usually the RLS.1 version turns out to be the same as the final, but not this time.  This proto has a different color order for most of the stages (stage one is purple instead of red, stage 3 is green instead of tan, stage 4 is red instead of green, etc.).  This order was changed before the final release for some reason, but there appear to be no other differences.

Interestingly the file version of Gyruss that has been hacked to run from DOS by pirates back in the early 80's is based on this version and not the final.  The most likely explanation for this is that this late beta was leaked to the various BBS boards and by the time the game was released the pirates didn't bother to dump the new version.


Purple invaders in stage 1


Red invaders on stage 20


Some stages are the same in both versions


Welcome to Earth!



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