Pac-Mac WIP 2



Although this prototype is labeled Work In Progress 2, it is actually an earlier version of the game.  This version is similar to the WIP 1 version, but is less refined and is missing some gameplay elements.  Also of note is that the player appears to control a regular space ship in this version, and not Ronald McDonald.

There is no sound or music
Ronald is shaped like a space ship.
The background is different and much less refined
The colors are different
There is no Hamburgler
There is no flying saucer
There are no blocks to grab, Ronald can always shoot the aliens and repair the arches
The aliens are shaped differently
The aliens are much harder to shoot
There is no score or round counter
There is only one never ending level
The arch is never stolen no matter how much damage it takes



This version is less refined


But it plays much the same


The arches never get stolen in this version


Here is a picture of the later version for comparison



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