Rockball 4-23-83


This is a mid-level WIP prototype for Rockball that was found on disks belonging to a former Roklan employee.  Although it is fully playable, it's missing several features such as sound effects, music, the fuel gauge, and the Neutron Star.  The player can also choose to start at up to level 255 instead of 15 as in the final version.

Prototype Differences
There are no sounds or music
The Neutron Star is missing
The fuel gauge is missing.  You don't have to worry about fuel in this prototype
The text on the title screen is an orange/peach color instead of light blue
The text next to your reserve lives says Ships instead of Player1/2
The rockball layers go blue/pink/peach instead of Pink/blue/peach
The reserve ships are orange/peach instead of green
The Player1/2 and Rack text are blue instead of white
There is no high score display
When you start a new level the "Get Ready Player 1/2" text appears and you start back at the center of the screen instead of the game continuing to the next level from wherever you currently are
The player may select a starting rack from 1 to 255.  In the final this was reduced to 15
The player number on the Get Ready Player 1/2 screen is blue instead of orange/peach
The levels are much harder.  The first level has four rockballs instead of one
There is no autofire
The ship is less detailed
The 'safety box' is drawn much faster and is smaller
You cannot override the 'safety box' by pushing up.
Your shots bounce back much futher making it easier to hit yourself accidentally
Your shots alternate orange and yellow instead of staying pink/red in the final
You only start with three lives instead of six as in the final
The Game Over text is blue instead of orange/peach
Scoring is different.  The outer ring is worth 50, the second ring 100, and the inner ring 250.  In the final the scoring is higher and goes 100, 150, 350.
The gameplay is much more difficult in general


Four rockballs on level 1?!?!


Blue game over text


Rack 255!


The 'Safety Box' is much smaller in this version


The difficulty is much harder overall


Here's the final version for comparison



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