Tutankham (1984 Version)


Although this version of Tutankham copyrighted 1984, it is actually an earlier WIP version.  There are numerous glitches in the game, the player has infinite lives, and it is missing some features such as the level select.  Oddly, the misaligned stage counter is correct in this version which means it must have been accidentally broken later on in development.  It's also interesting to note that the title screen actually says Tutunkhamun instead of Tutankham.  


The title screen says Tutankhamun instead of Tutankham.
The game is copyrighted 1984 instead of 1983.
There is no level select.
There is no intro music.
The player has infinite lives.
The stage counter positioning has been fixed.
The stage counter does not increment.
Your character is present during the demo, which means the enemies can come over and kill you.  When this happens there are some strange graphical glitches in the title.
There is a slightly glitchy pause before the start of each level.
Enemies can get stuck in the walls after using a transporter or flash bomb.
The colors can become mixed up after using a flash bomb.
The game plays faster and seems harder.


Notice how the name is given as Tutunkhamun


The game plays pretty much the same as the 83 version


Here's an example of the color glitch


The color glitch seems to get worse as the game goes on


Here's an example of the enemies getting suck in the walls


Notice the glitching in the title after you are killed in the demo?



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