Original System: Atari 400/800

The Atari 5200 prototype of Asteroids is basically a direct port of the Atari 400/800 version except that the Atari copyright is missing from the title screen.  This is because the Atari 5200 already has a separate splash screen which displays the game name and copyright date.  While the controls have been updated to work with the 5200's analog controller, the way they went about it was a bit strange.  The game uses some calibration code to update the thresholds for the X/Y controller values, but this requires the player to push the controller in all four directions first.  Even with this calibration the control aren't very well optimized resulting in the ship being difficult to control.  For this reason the 5200 port was never released.


Atari 400/800

Atari 5200


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