Original System: Unknown

The Atari 400/800 and 5200 versions of Q*Bert are practically identical for all intents and purposes except for how Q*Bert is controlled.  On the 400/800 the player is told to hold the controller in a diamond shape (turn it 45 degrees) so that it makes it easier to see how Q*Bert moves and then press the joystick in a direction.  In the 5200 version the player must first hold down the fire button then move the joystick before Q*Bert will move (this is a safeguard against the non-centering sticks).  The 5200 manual makes no mention of holding the controller in a diamond shape because this would make it impossible to hold the 5200 controller, so it simply reminds you that Q*Bert only moves in diagonals.

The title screen also has a few small changes in the 5200 version.  First the text "Select or Start A Game" is missing.  Second, the game variation is displayed as a small number above the pyramid in the 400/800 version but as a large number in the bottom right of the screen in the 5200 version.  The variation number will disappear after a few seconds in the 5200 version but will always remain visible in the 400/800.  The 5200 version also has the player select the variation (from 1-6) using the keypad rather than pressing Select over and over.


Atari 400/800

Atari 5200


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