RealSports Football

Original System: Atari 5200

Originally known simply as Football, RealSports Football started out life on the Atari 5200 as part of Atari's sports game push for the fledgling system.  The RealSports moniker wasn't added until the 1983 release and was also added to Soccer.  Only the box, label, and manual were updated with the RealSports name, the game still identifies itself as Football.

Football, along with Tennis, were the only two RealSports games to be ported to the Atari 400/800.  This was due to the fact that these games were designed with the Atari 5200's controller in mind which utilized two fire buttons and a full numeric keypad (the Atari 400/800 joystick only had one fire button and lacked the keypad).  Soccer was ported but was never released for unknown reasons and exists as a prototype.  Baseball was considered too dependant on the 5200's control scheme to be ported, and Basketball (the updated RealSports version, not the original Atari 400/800 game) was never released for either system.

Other than the expected changes to the controls the only difference between the two version is that the Atari 400/800 port starts up with a brief copyright message while the Atari 5200 version starts with the play selection screen due to copyright info already having been displayed on the splash screen.  One other thing to note is that the Atari 5200 version has a 1982 copyright while the Atari 400/800 port has a 1983 copyright.

Atari 400/800

Atari 5200



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