Super Cobra

Original System: Atari 400/800

Port of the 1981 arcade game by Konami, Super Cobra is the sequel to Scramble in which you must fly a helicopter through a dangerous mountain stronghold and grab the bag of 'booty' at the end.  Along the way you'll make friends with a variety of people shoot and bomb the stuffing out of everything you see.  Simple but fun. 

The Atari 400/800 and 5200 versions of Super Cobra are identical except for one small difference.  In the Atari 400/800 port you move faster than the scrolling ground when moving backwards whereas in the 5200 port you move at the same speed.  While it may sound like the 400/800 port gives you an advantage, it's actually more a hindrance and can really screw you up at the higher levels.  This bug was fixed in the 5200 port.


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