The Last Starfighter

Original System: Atari 5200

Unreleased on both the Atari 5200 and 400/800, The Last Starfighter is an amazing action/strategy game based off the 1984 movie of the same name.  Unfortunately the movie didn't do as well as Atari had hoped so the game was renamed and recycled.  On the Atari 2600 it became Solaris while on the Atari 400/800 it eventually became Star Raiders II.  The Atari 5200 version however never saw the light of day in any form.

The Atari 5200 and 400/800 versions are very similar but have a few minor differences.  First the Atari copyright is missing from the title screen in the Atari 5200 version due to it being displayed on the splash screen before the game starts.  Second, for some reason the mountain range in the background on the title screen of the Atari 400/800 version has been changed around a bit to make it look smoother.


Atari 400/800

Atari 5200


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