Special Thanks


Albert Yarusso & Alex Bilstein - For hosting and supporting AtariProtos.com

Curt Vendel - For introducing me to prototypes and believing in my dream

Mark Diluciano - For his electronics expertise and general support

Ken Van Mersbergen - For help with examining prototype code and general prototype knowledge

Joe Grand - Electronics expertise and general Support (Buy a Stelladapter today!)

Roman (CPUWIZ) - For helping me gain access to rare prototypes

Cassidy Nolen - For starting me out with my first (hopefully of many) arcade machine

Marco Kerstens - For allowing me access to his massive 2600 prototype collection

Thomas Jentzsch - For his help in disassembling and examining prototype code

Rom Hunter - For fixing the typos on my page and digging up all that hard to find information!

Cafeman - For starting me on 5200 programming (Go Koffi!)

Frank Cifaldi (The Redeye) - For sharing prototype information and being a fellow prototype historian (www.lostlevels.org)

Leonard Herman - For his wonderful books: Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames and ABC To The VCS (www.rolentapress.com)

Jahfish - For helping me design the AtariProtos.com logo

PingvinBlueJeans - For scouring the corners of the earth to bring me new prototype information.


And the rest:

Ian (Ianoid), Marc Oberhäuser, Osmeroid, Mr. & Mrs. MegaManFan, Chickybaby, Xot, Lee Krueger, Godzilla, Adam (BuyAtari), StanJr., Ferris, Mitch, Big Player, Ed Siegler, Cro§Bow, NE146, Duncan Brown, Lucky Man, and everyone at AtariAge for supporting my site and my dream.  You guys rock!


Extra special thanks to

Dave Comstock, Bob Polaro, Bob Vieira, Brian Puthuff, Bruce Poehlman, David Dentt, David Fox, Eric Manghise, Frank Hausman, Gary Stark, Greg Easter, Howard Scott Warshaw, Jerome Domurat, Jim Leiterman, Jim Wickstead, Landon Dyer, Marilyn Churchill, Nick Turner, Paul Metz, Peter Niday, Roger Booth, Scott Smith, Steve Baker, Steve Kranish, Steve Woita, Todd Marshall, et al.

Without you, there would be no prototypes to review!

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