CPU Zilog Z-80 @ 2MHz
Memory 48K
Inputs 63 key keyboard with 15 key number pad
Outputs Composite video
Ports RS-232 Serial, Parallel, Cartridge (ROM PAC), and Cassette (input/output)
Audio/Visual 512 x 240 monochrome graphics and 64 x 30 text. Sound available through parallel port.
Expansion Port S-100 Bus

The Smart-ALEC is a fully loaded rebadged Sorcerer II with a slightly altered monitor program (the copyright notice was changed) that was put out by Dynasty Computers of Dallas Texas when they bought out Exidy’s Sorcerer operations in late 1980.  These computers were sold door to door by Dynasty's army of salesmen during the early 1980s.  It is is unknown how many were made or sold, but working examples are very hard to come by.  It has been mentioned by some sources that Dynasty later further modified the Sorcerer to increase the memory to 64K and support an 80 column display.  It is unknown if any of these modified Sorcerers were ever manufactured.

Dynasty Computer Price List

The Smart-ALEC was available in several different bundles from Dynasty:

The Executive

This was top of the top of the line Smart-ALEC package.  It included the 48K system, video display, S-100 Expansion Box with a 5-1/4" disk drive, and dot matrix printer.  Also included were the CBASIC, Money Maestro, and T/Maker programs.  This package originally retailed for $4,584.


The Communicator

As the name implies, this package was geared towards people who wanted to use their Sorcer... err.. Smart-ALEC for telecommunications.  It included a 48K system, video display, cassette recorder and a modem.  It also included Standard BASIC, Terminal Package, Source Connect, and the Super Asteroids game (why not?).  This package retailed for $2,519.


The Correspondent

This package was for the average home user.  It included the 48K system, video display, cassette recorder, dot matrix printer, BASIC cartridge, and the Touch Typing Tutor cassette.  It retailed for $3,113.

Interestingly all the packages also came with what was dubbed Distributor School.  It's not known exactly what this was, but it appears to be some sort of study course on Direct Sales.  A home study course was also offered for those who couldn't go in person for an additional $80 fee.  It is assumed that this was being offered to sales people who bought these packages for reselling door to door rather than the home users themselves.

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