Sorcerer II




CPU Zilog Z-80 @ 2MHz
Memory 16K. Expandable to 48K
Inputs 63 key keyboard with 15 key number pad
Outputs Composite video
Ports RS-232 Serial, Parallel, Cartridge (ROM PAC), and Cassette (input/output)
Audio/Visual 512 x 240 monochrome graphics and 64 x 30 text. Sound available through parallel port.
Expansion Port S-100 Bus


The Sorcerer II is a redesigned and slightly upgraded version of the original Sorcerer.  In addition to fixing the crippling RS-232 bug, the motherboard has been redesigned and raised the RAM limit from 32K to 48K making it on par with other computers of the time.  The base RAM was also increased from 8K to 16K.  Simply put, the Sorcerer II was what the original Sorcerer should have been all along.  As the Sorcerer I was pulled from the market after less than a year, the Sorcerer II is the more common version of the system (if you can call unbelievably rare common).  In general the Sorcerer II seems to be more reliable and better built.

Other than the redesigned motherboard, the Sorcerer II looks almost exactly the same original Sorcerer.  While some of the later produced Sorcerer II's have dark keys instead of light, many Sorcerer II's were produced with light colored keys as well.  The quickest way to tell the two systems apart is to look at the serial number on the bottom or by looking at the back of the system.  On the Sorcerer I the text above the ports is smaller than on the Sorcerer II and the Sorcerer I has a toggle switch for the power instead of a rocker switch. Of course opening up the case and looking at the motherboard itself is the best way.

Sorcerer I & II Comparison

In addition to being sold by itself, the Sorcerer II was available in several different bundles directly from Exidy:

Exidy System 80 (DP 8000)

This was the the smallest bundle available from Exidy, but it packed a lot of power.  It included a 48K Sorcerer, Display/Disk, and CP/M.  It was priced at $4,490.


Exidy Small Business System 80/1 (DP 8100)

As the name implies, this package was geared towards small businesses.  It included a 48K Sorcerer, Display/Disk, Dot Matrix Printer, Parallel Data Cable, Word Processor ROM Pac, and CP/M.  It was priced at $6,899.


Exidy Word Processing System 80/2 (DP 8200)

Similar to the Small Business System 80/1, this bundle included a high quality Daisy Wheel Printer instead of a Dot Matrix Printer.  It was priced at $6,899.

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