Another one of those unwritten requirements for being considered a"real" computer in the 70's was the ability to play Blackjack.  Since Blackjack is a fairly simple game and not too graphically intense, almost every computer had a version of it and the VideoBrain was no exception.


The VideoBrain version of Blackjack is decent.  The suit and value of each card is easy to read, but there are no actual graphics for the cards (only a number and suit symbol).  The computer AI won't win any awards for its cleverness, but since Blackjack is more a game of luck than skill, most people probably won't notice.


Although it may seem pretty dull nowadays, being able to play a game of cards against a computer was considered a big deal back in the day.  Games like Blackjack were often used to impress potential customers by showing how a computer could think.


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