As the name implies, this is a demonstration cartridge for the VideoBrain.  Demonstration cartridges were used in store displays to show off what the system could do and sell it to the customer.  A nice flashing welcome message greets the user as the VideoBrain goes through several screens explaining the various software available for the system, and how the VideoBrain will solve all their problems.


Like most demonstration cartridges, there is limited interaction from the user.  At one point the cartridge will ask the user to solve a simple math problem, and to enter a message that will be displayed later on in the demo.  One thing that all demonstrations cartridges have in common is that they try to make the computer sound like a human.  During the demo the screens constantly refer to the system as a person ("I can help you do this" or "You can challenge me to a game of checkers").  This was an attempt to make the computer sound more warm and friendly, as most people at that time had no experience with computers and were easily scared by them.


The VideoBrain demonstration cartridge is the pride and enjoy of my collection.  Not only is this cartridge incredibly rare (only one copy is known to exist), but it also shows how much potential the programmers thought the VideoBrain had.  Watching the cartridge run through its demonstration is like catching a glimpse of a future that never happened...


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