Gladitor is the VideoBrain equivilent of Combat, but is a bit more advanced.  Two players must square off in a shootout in an attempt to score the most points.  One thing that makes Gladiator standout is that it boasts 384 different game variations (take THAT Atari!), each one with a different set of characteristics.


Gladiator has three basic game types, each with various options that can be configured:

Ancient Gladiator
Two gladiators face off in arena throwing spears at each other.  A lion also roams the screen attacking each player
Also referred to as the "Modern" Gladiator, this is basically a football scrimmage where the player attempts to get the football to the other end of the screen while avoiding the other player.  The player may also pass the ball by pressing the fire button.  A computer controlled blocker is also present
Future Gladiator
Two space ships face off in outer space shooting lasers at each other.  A space mine also floats around making things difficult


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