Information Manager



Originally thought to be vaporware, this rare cartridge has recently turned up in the hands of a VideoBrain collector.  However this cartridge proved to be full of surprises, when the collector noticed that the label had peeled up and revealed that it was a prototype!


The back of the cartridge also provided some interesting information.


Unfortunately without a manual, using Information Manager is almost impossible.  All we know at this point is that it require Expander 1 (which makes sense) and will throw an I/O Error if you try and run the cartridge without it.

If Expander 1 is plugged in Information Manager presents a menu asking you to either ENTER a program, REVIEW a program, or EDIT a program.

If you select ENTER you will be asked to enter a Database name, a Program name, a program Length, and a program Type.  Since without the instruction manual there is no way to know exactly what Information Manager is asking for, this is about as far as we can get. 

So was Information Manager actually released?  It's hard to say, but at least we know it was actually developed.  We'll post more information about this cartridge as soon as we can.


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