Lemonade Stand


Lemonade Stand was a common game back in the day, used to teach kids about how to make simple business decisions.  The "action" of the game revolves around your lemonade stand (remember when kids actually used to have those?), and all the decisions that go with it.  You will have to decide how many cups of lemonade to make, how much advertising to do, how much to charge, etc.  Although it's all painfully educational, Lemonade Stand can actually be somewhat entertaining (assuming you live a bare room with only a VideoBrain and a TV that doesn't get any channels).


Although the VideoBrain version of Lemonade Stand isn't as complex as versions that would come after it, it does offer some interesting features such as the ability to set the demand and competition variables.  These options can be useful if you've mastered the game and to crank up the difficulty a notch.


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