Money Minder



Money Minder is a home budgeting application for the VideoBrain that was, according to the manual, supposed to help you "fight back against inflation and high taxes".  I'm not exactly sure how a cartridge is supposed to change US fiscal policy, but I guess the VideoBrain is more powerful than we though.


If you've seen one home budgeting application, you've seen them all.  Basically one types in their household's various cash inflows and outflows and where they came from.  Then (if you've been a good boy), the VideoBrain will tabulate the data so you can see where your paycheck seems to disappear to each month.  In some ways Money Minder is the prehistoric ancestor of modern day programs like Quicken.


The cartridge actually identifies itself as Money Manager on the title screen.  It is thought that Videobrain decided to change the name of the program shortly before it was released for unknown reasons (it was also known as Cash Manager in early advertisements). Interestingly the box sleeve for the cartridge is actually from a Financier cartridge with new labels for Money Minder put over the top.  It is unknown if real sleeves were ever printed for Money Minder.


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