Although you may have thought this was the VideoBrain equivalent of Activision's Tennis, it's really just a fancy version of Pong, with tennis players instead of paddles.  Tennis does offer what is referred to as "Rushing Variations" where the paddle slowly moves left and right in addition to up and down, but the player doesn't control the left and right movement (the player moves on his own).  The movement seems very choppy in this game, which is an unforgivable sin in a Pong game (after all, up and down movement is all there really is!).


Tennis does have a few nice things going for it though.  There is a row of spectators at the top of the screen, and a little man comes out to drop the ball in front of the player between each serve.  Tennis also features 95 game variations and supports up to four players (assuming you can actually find four controllers).  However in the end Tennis is really just a Pong clone, and a weak one at that.


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