7800 Rumor Mill


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- A -


Developed by John Boeschen & Co.  Recently some source code fragments for this title turned up in the archive of another unreleased game John Boeschen & Co. were working on called Super Stunt Cycle.  It's unknown how far Airball got before being cancelled.

- E -


Developed by ICC for Atari.  One of the more famous MIA 7800 prototypes, Electrocop was complete and shown at the CES show but ultimately unreleased.  The whereabouts of this game are currently unknown.  It is believed that this version of the game differed from the version that was released on the Atari Lynx.


Elevator Action

Port of the 1983 Taito Coin-Op of the same name.  Internal memos state that Elevator Action was 80% complete and scheduled to be shown at the June 1984 CES show.  It is unknown if the game was actually demoed at the show or not.

- M -

Moon Patrol

Port of the 1983 Williams Coin-Op.  Confirmed to have been finished, but ultimately went unreleased.  According to internal memos, marketing was still figuring out how to sell the game.


- R -

Road Riot 4WD

Port of the 1991 Atari Coin-op.  According to internal memos this game was ready to be released.  It is unknown if any prototypes of this game still exist.


- S -


Based on the 1984 Electronics Arts game of the same name.  Although Skyfox was shown in 7800 advertisements and even on the 7800 box, the game was never finished (the pictures were from the C64 version).  A simple one screen demo was found on a developers hard drive in the early 90's, but this demo has not been seen since.


Steel Talons

Port of the 1991 Atari Coin-op.  According to internal memos, the game was virtually complete but it was decided to cancel it due to the death of the 7800.


- T -

Listed as being 15% on an internal Atari memo, it is unknown if coding continued on this title past the 84 shutdown.


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