Bloody Human Freeway


Yes folks this is it!  The prototype you didn't think existed.  "Bloody Human" Freeway is actually the original version of Freeway, and features people instead of chickens.  While this version may not be politically correct, it sure is funny!  


Prototype Differences
The game shows cars on the freeway at start-up instead of them all being lined up on the right side.
The score and Activision logo are yellow instead of pink.
Your character is a little man instead of a chicken.
When your man gets hit he turns into a glowing streak of blood instead of being bounced backwards.
The sound effects are slightly different (such as the sound of your character being hit).

Pressing the fire button resets the game.


Notice how there are already cars on the highway at start-up.


Look out!


Blood flows red on the highway...


Made it!



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