Save Mary 4-3-89


This version is very different from the final version. Other than being dated a year earlier than the final version, it is missing some vital gameplay features and still has some bugs.  I'd estimate this version was about 70% finished.  The top label on the prototype says "Save Mary 2600 4/3", and the bottom label was put on after the original fell off and was lost.

One of the more interesting things about this version is the lack of power-ups, this makes the game very difficult.  Also, you'll notice the canyon walls are very jagged looking.  Atari management didn't think this was acceptable so they made Tod smooth them out by using a Ball Sprite.  Also, I've noticed that playing this version on a 7800 will cause problems.  Apperently there are some timing issues that cause Mary to become invincible (a rather odd side effect).  This version is fully playable (bugs and all), but it's obvious it still needed alot of work.


Prototype Differences
Title Screen has a copyright of 1989 instead of 1990.

There is no animation of Mary at the bottom of the Title Screen, so it's much larger looking.

The text on the Title Screen is a different color.
The canyon walls are much rougher than the ones in the final version.
The game colors are slightly different (more washed out looking).
The opening music is very different and sounds pretty bad.
There is no tune at the end of each level
There is no sound when you move the crane.
The crane moves slower.
The blocks on the sides of the screen do not move outward.
There are no power-ups in this version.
The block shapes on the second and third levels are different
The plane that causes you to drop your blocks in the later levels is missing.
Mary doesn't run around on the blocks and scream HELP!
The death sound for Mary is different.
The bonus points for the blocks isn't added up at the end of the level.


As I mentioned earlier there are still a few bugs in this version...

The blocks can be carried through the canyon walls
Sometime the block on the left side of the screen is unreachable
The crane chain doesn't appear to touch the block it's holding.  It stops about a inch from the block.


Title screen without Mary

Jagged canyon walls

Notice the crane isn't touching the block

The block is in the wall (oops!)

Here are some of those differnt block shapes

Look out Mary!!!


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