Meebzork 5-3-83



This is a late WIP version of the "shooting" version of Meebzork.  This prototype is pretty close to the final version, but has some extra statistics in the status bar that were removed in order to spell out the words rather than rely on single letter abbreviations.  The Ball color is blue/orange instead of gray/white in this version for some reason.

Prototype Differences
The status bar is different.  Instead of spelling out Energy, Lives, and Time it uses E, L, and T as abbreviations.  This is because it has two extra indicators (S and W) that needed to be crammed in. Oddly SU was never expanded to Shield Units in the final, probably because it wouldn't fit.
The status bar has two new indicators that were remove from the final version.  S is how many planet shields still remain, while W is your current Wave (level) number.  These were most likely removed due to them not being necessary to play the game and the status bar already being fairly cluttered.
The status display at the bottom of the screen is in a different order.  Instead of Energy, Lives, Shield Units, and Time it goes S, Energy, Shield Units, W, Lives, Time
The game starts at wave 0 instead of wave 1.  This is most likely because indexes start at 0 instead of 1 in most computer languages.
The difficulty option (starting level) is missing from the title screen
The game level text is slightly off center compared to the final
The ball is blue and orange instead of gray and white



The difficulty option is missing


Note the S and W stats in the status bar?


Wave 0?


Notice how I've lost 3 planet shields (S stat)?


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