Microgammon SB 7-16-83

This version is mostly complete, but lacks a title screen and only has one skill level.  This version does have an interesting feature where the player can change the color of the background to one of 17 schemes.  For some reason this was removed from the final version.  You will also notice the name Scott written on the EPROM labels, this is the name of the tester who playtested the game.

Note: Due to a problem with the emulation the colored border around the board doesn't show up properly.  

Prototype Differences

There is no title screen
The game starts automatically
There is only one difficulty level
The background color can be changed by pressing the 0 button


Here is a approximation of how the border should look.


Not all the color choices are good ones


Hmm... Maybe this is why they took out the color changing


Note the missing difficulty level indicator



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