RealSports Baseball 2-4-83


This is a mid-level work in progress.  There are still several bugs that need to be worked out, but the main gameplay is there.  Interestingly one of the biggest bugs (that makes the computer player continuously run into the corner) is actually commented in the final source code.

Another interesting thing about this prototype is that it contains a different voice which had to taken out of the final version due to licensing reasons.  Supposedly all prototypes that had this voice were ordered destroyed, but somehow this copy survived.


Prototype Differences
Title screen is much less detailed.   
There is no copyright bar under the title.
You cannot select the number of innings
You cannot turn the voice on and off.
The Music is different.  It plays much slower and only plays the first few bars of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".
The Music stops before all the players get on the screen instead of playing until the first pitch
The voice is different, it's much lower and sounds much gruffer.
The voice sampling isn't as good.  There is more static and pops.
There is no cheering between innings. The crowd only cheers when you cross home plate and very briefly when you get a home run.
There is only one voice sample for Strike and it's used for all three.  The final version has different samples for Strike One, Strike Two, and Strike Three.
There is only one voice sample for Ball and it's used for all three.  The final version has different samples for Ball One, Ball Two, and Ball Three.
There is a noticeable space in between the words in voice sample for "Foul Ball" since it's pieced together from the samples for "Foul" and "Ball".  In the final version there is no space.
The various pitching styles aren't implemented.
There is a huge bug that causes the computer to get stuck in a corner after chasing the ball.
Occasionally the music will play at the wrong time and is messed up.
The game plays much slower.
The game defaults to two advanced computer players instead of an intermediate human and computer component.
There is no "Charge" tune
The AI isn't very good.
There is no "Press start to begin new game" message at the bottom of the title screen.
There is no green bar at the bottom of the title screen.
You cannot continue a paused game after hitting reset.
The hidden credits aren't colored and are formatted differently.



The title screen looks a bit empty...


Notice the odd formatting of the credits?


Look out, he's got a corked bat!


Here comes the pitch!



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