Stargate 11-21-83



This is a mid level WIP version of Stargate, and is very different from the final release.  It appears that Steve was testing out the various graphics in the game as each wave consists of entirely one type of enemy (a new enemy each wave).  This version also alternates between fighting on the planet and fighting in space (after the planet blows up) and features a completely different warp sequence.  Since this is a test version, you have infinite lives.


The splash screen says copyright 1983
The game has no title screen and starts by itself
You have infinite lives
There is no score display
There are no smart bombs
There are no humans on the planet surface
After you die the enemies are not reset.  Therefore enemies will swarm you and you die over and over again.
Each wave consists of entirely one type of enemy (last wave is all humans!)
After completing a wave the planet will blow up and the next wave will be in space.  After completing the space stage the planet surface will reappear.
There is a message box under the scanner that says random things
The planet explosion effect is completely different
The warp effect is completely different
Your ship does not appear far enough form the stargate after exiting, so it is easy to get caught in a gate over and over again.



Just a little bit different...


Lander wave


Little pod guys


Purple guys


Saucer wave!


Human Wave!!!!


What's with all the fireworks?


Neat new warp effect



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