Motor Psycho

Motor Psycho
Company: Atari
Model #:
John Boeschen & Co
Year: 1990
Originally called Super Stunt Cycle


Despite having one of the coolest names in the 7800 library, Motor Psycho isn't nearly as interesting as it sounds.  Instead of being a cool Road Rash type action/racing hybrid, Motor Psycho is just a plain old racing game with the ability to jump thrown in.  Sound interesting?  Well read on anyway...


Part Hang On, part Pole Position, Motor Psycho is racing game that attempted to show of the 7800's ability to smoothly scale graphics while maintaining a high frame rate.  Unfortunately this actually wasn't one of the 7800's abilities.  In fact, the graphics scaling and frame rate in Motor Psycho are bad, the game is almost impossible to play.  It wouldn't be until years later with the release of Super Burnout for the Jaguar that Atari finally got a racing game right.


Ok so the graphics and frame rate aren't so hot, but the gameplay is really interesting right?  Right???  Err... well... no.  Motor Psycho is at its heart a fairly bland racer with a "beat your own best time" theme.  About the only thing that makes the game stand out at all is the ability to jump (and I mean jump high!).  By pressing the fire button when going off a hill, your bike will rocket off the earth for a several seconds and you'll see the scenery disappear.  Unfortunately jumping is fairly useless in the game (only netting you bonus points) and will usually result in you landing and flying off a curve somewhere.  Damn those curves...


So what does Motor Psycho have going for it?  Not much sadly.  The graphics are rather nice looking (when not in motion), and there are four different tracks (although they pretty much all look the same), and there are deadly traffic cones and arrow signs (watch out, they'll get ya!).  Did I mention you get to jump really high?


In the end Motor Psycho is really just a poor Mach Rider clone, which is pretty sad as Mach Rider was a pretty poor game to begin with.  If Motor Psycho sported a build your own track mode like Mach Rider, then there might have been a little life in the game.  Sadly as it stands, Motor Psycho is just another in a long series of disappointing action games for the 7800.  Motor Psycho does however hold the title of Best Motorcycle Racing Game on the 7800.  Too bad it's the ONLY motorcycle racing game on the 7800...


Version Cart Text Description
11/3/88   Static screen demo
4/17/90   Final Version


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