Rockball 9-7-83


This is a late WIP version of Rockball on a self booting disk.  You can see how the game was starting to look closer to the final version, but there are still some missing features like music and the high score display.  The Neutron Star now behaves the same way it does in the final version and properly warps you to a random location on the screen. 

Notice how the disk says 3A in corner?  This was part of a version numbering scheme that the programmer used.  Each revision was given a letter from A-Z and when he reached the end he started over but added a number in front of the letter.  That makes revision 3A the 78th revision to the game!  The disk says it's from 9/8 but the internal code shows a date of 9/7.

Prototype Differences
There is no music
There is no sound when selecting one or two players
There is no high score display
There is no rack select
The rockballs move much faster in this version making it much more difficult
The Neutron Star doesn't appear nearly as often as in the final
The fuel gauge does not display during the 'Get Ready Player #' text
The flickering purple line under the word FUEL on the fuel gauge is missing


The rockballs move REALLY fast in this version


The fast moving rockballs make waiting for the safety box to clear take a long long time


No Neutron Star means the game is a little easier


The music is also missing (take my word on that)


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