Rockball ?-??-83


This recently discovered version of Rockball appears to be the same as the cartridge labeled Final but has a lot of code at the beginning of the rom zeroed out.  It is currently unknown what this missing code does, but the game appears to play exactly the same.  Although Joe Hellesen's name is on disk, he is not the programmer for Rockball.  This disk is thought to be his personal copy of the game.

Notice how the disk says 2I in corner?  This was part of a version numbering scheme that the programmer used.  Each revision was given a letter from A-Z and when he reached the end he started over but added a number in front of the letter.  Although this means that version should be from 7/14/83 it's obvious a much later version.  This is due to the disk most likely being reused.




Sometimes you have to go chase down the rockballs yourself


Trapped myself in a corner


Lots of pretty little rockballs...



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