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On this page you will find various miscellaneous tidbits about Zyll.


Helpful Hints
1. Each of the great treasures has a special power that can greatly help the player:  The Broadsword is the best weapon in the game, the Magic Shield offers excellent protection, the Ruby Pendant gives the player great strength and teleports you to north of the river, the Ruby Ring teleports the player to the throne room, and the Scepter provides light.  It is unknown what the Crown does, but it may enhance the chance of finding hidden items.

2. To activate the teleportation power of the Ruby Ring and Pendant, simply drop them and pick them back up again.

3. Zyll's Robe permanently gives the Wizard the Sense Magic ability, while Zyll's Scroll gives the Wizard any missing spells.

4. Try and locate either the magic shield or the broadsword first, their powers can mean the difference between survival and an early death.

5. Press esc during the opening music to prevent random placement of treasures.

6. Try to locate scrolls early in the game to learn or enhance skills such as picking locks or finding hidden items.

7. The dragon can be easily killed with lit torches.

8. Touching the Black Orb will severely harm your player, so try to bring the great treasures to the room where the orb is found instead of moving it.

9. The Black Orb will extinguish all light sources except the brass lamp from the cliff, the scepter, and the light spell.  Be sure to have one of these before entering the room or you may find yourself in the dark.

10. Watch out the chest on the balcony, it's a trap!  However if you're sneaky you can still take it home with you by finishing the game in the room (although it doesn't count as a treasure).



1. Even though the game indicates you can go north from the river, you can't. Trying to do so does nothing.

2. It is possible to boat out of the underground cavern. Trying to take it north of the river causes the game to crash.



There is a secret mode in Zyll that gets you the following:
  - All spells (regardless of your character type)
  - Full ability to pick locks, pick pockets, and find hidden objects
  - Unlimited ability to carry objects
  - Full strength
  - Full ability to heal
  - Full armor protection
  - 2000 extra bonus points

To activate this cheat do the following:
  1. Start the game in competitive mode
  2. Go into a dark room carrying only a lamp or a torch (unlit)
  3. Hit "other" and then hit the menu key marked "---"
  4. You should get the message 'ok'.
  5. Light your torch and look at your new capabilities!



Game Statistics
Keys: 5
Weapons: 9 (includes shields)
Edible Items: 11 (includes liquids)
Books: 4
Scrolls: 8
Torches/Lamps: 16
Treasures: 18 (does not include the silk robe or jewel covered chest)
Goal Objects: 6 (does not include the Orb)
Types of Monsters: 14 (including Zyll)
Portals: 9
Levels: 8



High Scores
My current high score is 2627


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