Aquaventure 8-12-83



This version appears to be complete, but with unreleased game it's impossible to know for sure.  This version appears to a have a few bugs in it, as you don't have to get the treasure to make the mermaid appear.  Simply go down one screen and then back up and the mermaid will be waiting to take you to the next level.  Another strange quirk is when you change screens all the creatures die and you get the points for killing them (although the faster versions don't appear).  These bugs could be part of the game design, but it's doubtful.

To date this is the only version of the game to surface, and it is unknown if any further work was done on this title.


Grab that Mermaid!


Pink water???


Watch out for killer sea horses...


Apparently the treasure is a tiny little house...


Here are those indestructible fish


Whoa!  Somebody smacked these fish with an ugly stick!



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