Dumbo's Flying Circus 4-4-83



This prototype is most likely from middle of the development cycle.  All the game's elements are here, but the difficulty needs some serious tweaking to make it playable.  The main problem is that Dumbo moves like a lead weight in this version and the bomb balloons are more numerous, making the game difficult to play.  The player needs to constantly push up or Dumbo will drop like a rock, and switching directions seems to take an eternity.  Aside from Dumbo's movement problems, every balloon makes the ceiling lower (instead of every three), so the game gets out of control very quickly.  This version is also missing all sounds and music which were added by the next prototype (5-5-83).  This version also has an interesting bug which allows Dumbo to fly above the ceiling line making the game a both easier and more difficult at the same time.


Prototype Differences

The Title screen is green instead of brown and the copyright text colors are different
Dumbo's outline on the title screen is white instead of black
Dumbo does not blink on the title screen
There is no sound or music
The demo is present but doesn't do anything.  Dumbo just sits there and the balloons go right through him.
The Waves are called Acts
The Clown and Dumbo text is missing from the level summary screen
The Clown and Dumbo icons on the level summary screen are red
The balloon patterns are different
The bomb balloons are very different looking
Dumbo is much harder to control in this version
Every balloon makes the ceiling lower rather than every three
The game colors are slightly different such as the balloons, ceiling, peanuts, and Timothy on the bonus round
There is no line between the screen and score at the bottom of the screen
The overall difficulty is much harder in this version as there are many more bomb balloons per round
The easter egg showing Peter's initials is missing
Dumbo is able to fly above the ceiling in this version
The cut scene with Dumbo carrying the banner is missing




The title screen is green instead of brown and the copyright text colors are different


The waves are called acts in this version


Lots of very different looking bomb balloons


This is an interesting bug that allows you to go above the line (no shooting the clown!)



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