Dumbo's Flying Circus 5-5-83


This prototype is from middle/end of the development cycle.  Although slightly more polished than the 4-4-83 prototype, it still has some gameplay issues that need to be worked out.  The main problem is that Dumbo still moves like a lead weight in this version, making the game difficult to play (especially given it was aimed at children).  The player needs to constantly push up or Dumbo will drop like a rock, and switching directions seems to take an eternity.  Aside from Dumbo's movement problems, every balloon makes the ceiling lower (instead of every three), so the game gets out of control very quickly.  This version is also missing some sounds and has some color differences from the final.


Prototype Differences

The Title screen is green instead of brown
The demo is slightly different
Dumbo is much harder to control in this version
The opening music is played slower
There are no warning sounds when bombs appears
There is no music when clowns appear
Every balloon makes the ceiling lower rather than every three
The game colors are slightly different
There is no line between the screen and score at the bottom of the screen
The overall difficulty is much harder in this version
The cut scene with Dumbo carrying the banner is missing




The title screen is green instead of brown


Notice the different colors


That clown better watch out for falling "Dumbo treats" from above


Why does Dumbo look like a deformed rabbit?



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