EarthWorld (International Version)


This is the PAL version of EarthWorld that was released overseas.  Since the contest was long over Atari didn't bother supplying the comic book with this version (and they probably didn't want to translate it).  Since the clues from the original version wouldn't make sense without the comic book, Atari made a new special version instead which didn't depend on the comic book.  For years it was assumed that the PAL version was the same as the special version Atari made for the contest since that version also did not rely on the comic book, but it appears that this is not the case.   Why Atari decided to make two special versions is unknown, but it's possible that they thought that the contest version was too hard or easy and went with a new version instead.


Travelin' through the doors...


The rooms are a little short on decorations.


Ouch!  These things are pointy!


I always thought that cloak was somebody's head!



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