Company: Activision
Model #:
John Van Ryzin
Year: 1984
H.E.R.O. stands for Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation


H.E.R.O. was one of Activision's last releases, and as such it probably didn't get the attention it deserved.  This is really sad because not only is H.E.R.O. an excellent game, but addicting as well.  H.E.R.O. was written by John Van Ryzin, a talented young up and coming programmer who was also responsible for the sleeper hit Cosmic Commuter.  It's a shame that John didn't start programming games sooner, who knows what little gems he could have pumped out before the crash hit.


You play the role of Roderick Hero (dontcha just love these names?) who must save stranded miners in an underground mine shaft (where else would a miner be?).  Fortunately for you, you just happen to own one of the most advanced rescue devices ever invented, the Prop-Pack.  The Prop-Pack is a large helicopter pack (watch your head!) which allows you to effortlessly fly through the mine, avoiding all sorts of nasty creatures.  Speaking of nasty creatures, let's introduce them now shall we?

Bats This is the most common enemy in the mine.  Bats fly back and forth in a half-hearted attempt to hit you.  In truth these bats are really just escapees from Pitfall II and are hiding out in H.E.R.O. in an attempt to escape Pitfall Harry.  Don't tell anyone!
Spiders Spiders are a bit more annoying than bats, as they tend to hang down in the most annoying places (i.e. Where you need to go).  Spiders really don't move around much, but will bite you if touch them.  But then again you really don't have time to be playing with the wildlife, so shoot them and move on.
Moths You know someone should really call an exterminator, because this mine is infested!  As you may have guessed by now these are no ordinary moths, they're giant man eating moths!  Moths are basically like bats, but are much more animated (i.e. spastic). Torch 'em!
Snakes Snakes are quite possibly the most annoying enemy in the game.  Not only are they fast, but they have a nasty habit of popping out of holes in the walls when you least expect it.  Snakes dart in and out of their hidey-holes in an attempt to grab a quick bite (of you!).  Blasting snakes is rather hard, but sometimes the effort is worth it.
Tentacles These guys hang around in the water on the lowest levels of the mine.  Just make sure you fly high enough above them or they'll drag you down to a watery grave.


In addition to the various creatures, Rod should avoid fire walls, water, and being blasted by his own dynamite!  There's nothing more annoying than killing yourself (that's why we have creatures!).

Thankfully Roderick isn't completely helpless, he comes armed!  Your Prop-Pack comes equipped with a laser which you can use to melt creatures or blast through walls.  However blasting through walls with your laser takes time, that's why Rod also carries dynamite!  Dynamite is great for destroying walls and creatures, but watch out because dynamite is also great for wiping out poor Roderick as well.


As Roderick progresses through the mine, he'll encounter more and more obstacles.  Eventually he'll run into moving walls (crunch!), underground lakes (glub), fiery walls (ouch! hot!), and lamps.  Lamps aren't exactly deadly, but if Rod touches one he'll shut the lights off for that screen (sorry there's no on switch).  Stumbling through the dark is dangerous since you can't see the walls, but thankfully the mine critters glow in the dark (maybe it's a Uranium mine?).


If our hero makes is to the miner before his power runs out the day will be saved and you'll move onto the next level, however if he runs out of power he'll be trapped in the mine forever.  I suppose you could always go and eat that stranded miner to stay alive.  Mmm. tastes like chicken!


Version Cart Text Description
?????? HERO AZ-036 (c)1983 Activision, Inc. Final Version


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