Company: Atari
Model #:
Kevin Osborn
Year: 1983
The original arcade game was created by Sun Corp. and licensed by Atari.


Kangaroo was originally an arcade game by Sun Corp (a little known Japanese game manufacturer), and was licensed by Atari for distribution in the US.  Kangaroo was released for the 2600 as part of Atari's push to bring more arcade games to its home systems (2600, 5200, 400/800), and like most of the 2600 arcade ports was programmed by GCC.


While Kangaroo may look like a cute kiddie game, there's more to it than meets the eye.  What lies beneath Kangaroo's furry exterior is a challenging platform game that will give even the most experienced player a worthy challenge.  You control Momma Roo (not to be confused with Quintana Roo), who must rescue her baby from a gang of monkeys who for some reason have kidnapped him.  Momma Roo is armed with boxing gloves which she can use to punch out monkeys and to block apple cores which the monkeys throw at her.  You must get Momma Roo to the top of the board by climbing ladders (in a tree?) and jumping from platform to platform, once you reach the top your reunited with your baby for a few seconds and its off to the next board.  Along the way you can grab various fruits for points, these fruits appear when Momma Roo hits one of the bells hanging from the tree.  Each time a bell is hit a new type of fruit appears and is worth more points, but hanging around eating fruit all day isn't what the game is about.  You've got a baby to save!  Oh yeah, did I mention there's a apple bouncing around the top of the screen that likes to drop down on you at just the wrong time?  



While it wasn't a smash hit at the arcades, Kangaroo fared much better on the console scene.  The 2600 version is a good translation which features 3 of the 4 arcade levels, decent graphics, and pretty good control (there's a minor bug on the second level that's worth noting).  So if you missed it in the arcades, give Kangaroo a try on the 2600.  You'll find that its more fun than a barrel of... well you know...  


Version Cart Text Description
Kang 019
Movement Demo
4/14/83 Kangaroo 4/14/83  
4/19/83 Kangaroo 109 Final Version


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