Kangaroo 019


This is an early movement demo for Kangaroo.  There's only one screen which seems to be the same as screen two from the final version but with no collision detection.  Oddly Mamma Roo doesn't have her boxing gloves and can't even punch (not that it would do any good).  Once you reach the top of the screen there isn't anything to do since the level doesn't end.  The whole screen flickers much more than in the final (especially Momma Roo), which makes it look a bit odd on real hardware.  One interesting change is that the background is the normal black instead of the light purple of the released version.  Why this was changed is unknown.


There is no collision detection with the monkeys or apples, but you can still fall off the platforms
The background is black instead of purple
There is no bouncing apple at the top of the screen
The four fruits look different (especially the pineapple)
The timer does not decrease
The score is static and does not change
You cannot punch
Momma Roo doesn't have her boxing glove
Momma Roo's tail is longer
You can't ring the bell
You can't collect any fruit
You can't rescue Baby Roo
The whole game flickers much more than the final
The level is a darker brown
There is no hesitation when attempting to jump the gap on the second level
There's a glitch on the end of second platform on the bottom level


The black background is much nicer to look at

No reason to duck, it'll go right through you

You can't ring my bell...


Here's the final version for comparison



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