Millipede 1-4-84


This version of Millipede is close to the final, but lacks a lot of the fine tuning and polish needed to make it a final product.  Some features such as sound effects and the remaining enemies still need to be added.


Prototype Differences
There is no title screen.
Only one sound effect has been implemented.  A "ding" sound is made when your blaster shoots a mushroom.
The text "Select Starting Score" is not shown when selecting the starting difficulty level.
If the player starts the game with the fire button they cannot select the difficulty level.
The game starts out very hard.
Multiple spiders come out from the start (up to three).
The score font is different.
The stage colors and order are different: Blue > Gray > Teal > Red > Blue > Yellow.
The game starts with four lives.
The on screen point font that appears when shooting spiders is different.
There is no death animation.
There is no "Game Over" text.
The blaster is taller.
The blaster moves faster.
There are no points shown on screen for shooting bees.
After the player dies there is no point add up for the half-shot mushrooms.
Only Spiders, Bees, Millipedes, and Beetles are present.
Multiple beetles can appear on the screen at once.
The DDT cloud is different.



No title screen


Multiple spiders from the start


The "spider font" is different


The 1200 point font is even messed up in the final version


No "Select Starting Score" text


No on-screen Bee points


The whole game is tougher overall


Different DDT cloud



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