Miss Piggy's Wedding (Early Version)


This is a very early version of Miss Piggy's Wedding.  This is really nothing more than a movement demo with almost no collision detection implimented.  The only collision detection that has been implimented is between the characters and the wedding guests (the sticks), and if you stand on top of them the game will begin to go nuts when they try and move!

Since this is a early version its missing most of the elements found in the later (yet still incomplete) version:


Prototype Differences
The board layout is slightly different

The road and taxi cab are missing from the bottom of the screen

Gonzo is missing from the top of the screen
The wedding guests are sticks instead of blocks
The wedding guests move slower
The Key is missing
Since the Key is missing the doors cannot be closed
Collision detection with the walls hasn't been implimetned
The game doesn't end when Kermit and Miss Piggy touch


Run Kermit Run!


Looks like they kissed and made up


Missing a little collision detection


A little wrap-around problem too


There is some collision detection with the guests...


But it's a bit buggy!



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