Miss Piggy's Wedding ?-??-??


This is version is slightly different the early version.  The maze is more like the final version (it now has walls), and the wedding guests are now blocks instead of sticks.

This "Middle" version is still very different from the later version however:

Prototype Differences

The road and taxi cab are missing from the bottom of the screen

Gonzo is missing from the top of the screen
The Key is missing
Since the Key is missing the doors cannot be closed
Collision detection with the walls hasn't been implemented
The game doesn't end when Kermit and Miss Piggy touch


Looks like the guests have bulked up a bit since the last version!


The wedding guests can still get trapped inside you, but the glitch is much less severe


Back off! I have mace!


Now there are walls to walk through!



Here's a picture from the early version so you can compare





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