Moon Patrol 136


This is the earliest version of Moon Patrol that been found to date.  What's interesting about this version is that it seems to be fully playable and is only lacking sounds and some fine tuning to make it complete.  However GCC decided to tweak many of the gameplay elements for months trying to make it "just right".  One of the features that is present in this version but was taken out of the final is the checkpoint system that was present in the arcade game.  Why GCC took this great feature out is beyond me.  This version also features a much needed continue feature which didn't make it into the final release.


Prototype Differences
There is no title screen.
There is no demo
The game starts automatically.
There are no level options.
Your rover is shaped different (sort of like a tank).
The rover is colored slightly different.
The mountains in the background are a slightly lighter color.
The life counter symbol is shaped differently (like the tank shaped rover).
There are checkpoint letters instead of little "x" in the ground.
The death explosion is different (less detailed) .
There is a continue feature.
The right difficulty switch enables/disables the automatic continue feature.  
The music is slightly different and has a very annoying (and loud) background beat.
The status display is different.  The text is green and shows the game stats in a different order.
The status display includes a checkpoint counter instead of a distance meter.
There is no sound.
All the flying enemies are orange.
The three ball enemy's shots do not make holes.
Sometimes rocks will appear to be blowing up for a split second as they come into view.
The course is different.  Land mines appear very early in the game (starting in area D).
There is no bonus.
The screen jumps very slightly.
After area Y the game resets.
There is no "Hard Course".
There is a small graphics glitch which causes one scanline of your rover to disappear when it crosses the area in the center of the screen.
The rover jerks back and forth when moving at normal speed (not pushing forward or backwards on the stick).
More enemies appear on the screen than in the final version.
The rock explosions are different.


A Checkpoint!

That explosion is a little rough

That's alot of enemies...

And all of them are orange!



Notice the scanline glitch

Notice how the explosion is slightly different


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