Moon Patrol 185


This prototype looks pretty much like the final version.  There are some holdovers from the earlier prototype (the off center bonus for example), but you can see they were starting to finalize the design.  The sounds in this version are slightly different, but thankfully the music is back to normal.  The other difference of note is that they were still using the rover symbol to designate one player or two.  Later on they changed it to 1P and 2P.



Prototype Differences
The Bonus sound plays at a lower pitch.
The Explosion Sound is different
When you fail to get a Bonus, there is no sound or text displayed.
The word Bonus is still off center.
The music difficulty switch is reversed: A=Music B=No Music
Instead of showing 1P and 2P for one or two players, this version displays one car or two rover symbols.
The level and player select text will sometimes turn white instead of orange after pressing select.


Now there's the rover we all know and love

Bonus is still off center...

Here's the white text glitch

One player, one symbol

Two players, two symb... you get the idea



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